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Jeff's fishing report 15th March
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Jeff's fishing report 15th March

A big higher pressure system is established over the country this week.  High pressure normally brings light winds but often Easterley or north-easterly which is not ideal for Ramsgate. However the wind was forecast to drop out for Thursday and Friday and indeed it did but with that came the dreaded fog.
I only had Friday available this week to fish with because of other commitments. Originally I planned to travel down early on Friday morning but with lots of fog forecast I decided to travel down Thursday evening.
Nobody likes travelling on the roads in fog and with some of the lunatics on the roads these days I really do dread it. I feel much safer out in fog in my little boat with its radar scanning.
As I roused at about 0630 on Friday morning my first recollection was the ports fog horn sounding  its eerie warning. A quick peek confirmed fog and vis about 200 metres.  
By 9 o'clock the boat was ready to go and the rods tackled up. I use 40 lb shock leaders and 30 lb amnesia trace line with 4/0 Pennell rigs. A well stocked cool box containing herring black lug and squid completed the picture.
Vis had  now improved slightly to 300m so with permission from Port control I was on my way.... Radar showing no traffic.
I keep the speed down to a sensible 8 kn in bad visibility. With the flood tide pushing me north the engine only needed 2000 revs to maintain this speed .... Great for economy!
Along the north coast the visibility was better and sometime later the sun actually popped out. Flat calm sea and lovely spring sunshine it doesn't get better than this. Well it does if the Fish are in a feeding frenzy and indeed they were.

It actually started rather slow at the top of the tide at slack water with just a few dogs but as the tide came through the fishing got going. Uptide downtide crosstide..... Skate came  steadily throughout the ebbtide. Most fish in the 45 to 50 cm size bracket with a very good showing of larger fish up to 12lb.
Over 20 fish came to the gunnels. The majority of which were put back especially the large pupping  females.

To add a little bit of variety to the days catch a couple of nice Whiting joined in the fun. A nice change but where are the cod. ???
Tammy Joanne 

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