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Jeff's fishing report 8th and 9th March
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Jeff's fishing report 8th/9th March

At last some nice weather for the second weekend running. Very small tides this weekend but lots of sunshine forecast and mainly southerly winds in the 10 to 17 knot bracket.
On Saturday the wind started south easterly 17 kn and was forecast to drop later in the day.
The trip north to the North Kent coast was okay but the wind continued to blow from the south-east for most of the time.
The skate fishing was excellent with about a dozen fish coming to the boat. Several fish were borderline size (NFSA size limit 41 cm) and went back to swim another day.
As dusk  approached the wind dropped off nicely and the trip back to port was very pleasant.
There have been quite a few reports about some nice cod being caught commercially around the north-east spit area..... Very tempting.
Sunday dawned bright sunny with a southerly breeze So Northeast spit here we come.
Unfortunately nothing to report there not even any fish marks on the sounder. The small Tides  probably didn't help
A couple of hours back on the skate grounds saved the day. A couple of hours produced five Skate but four were borderline. .....
Hope the cod arrive sometime soon. No spurs yet either.
Jeff Tammy Joanne.

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