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St David's Day fishing report
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Fishing report from TAMMY JOANNE - first of 2014

For the last couple of months we have been plagued with Gale after gale with the odd lull in between when we have been able to get out. The fishing has been very disappointing. There was a reasonable run of whiting earlier on but this petered out just leaving the usual hordes of dogfish. The much anticipated cod run has not yet materialised and there have been very few codling either.

It's a pleasant change therefore to report that there is now a nice showing of skate on the usual marks. 

I took my grandson Harry out fishing last Wednesday and we had a few skate. So with spirits elevated i eagerly looked forward to the fishing this weekend.
The weather forecast man as usual changed his forecast regularly as the week ticked on. The forecast was looking very optimistic for Friday and Saturday but Friday was a washout and Saturday started to look very iffy.

Saturdays forecast was North West F4 dropping during the day so was somewhat borderline for fishing the North Kent Coast marks. I was somewhat cheered when Mark was preparing his hardy 24 Trinity to go fishing at the north-east Spit area .....   hopefully for cod and spurs.
By the time I was ready to leave port, Mark was out of sight. I headed north hugging the land for some protection from the wind and had a nice smooth ride until I got to the North Foreland area where conditions got very lumpy and I was spending a large proportion of the time airborne.
It was quite lumpy with quite a few white horses about ... Not that nice. So a decision was made to head west and fish for skate instead of cod. There were big spring tides this weekend so the tide was hustling through at over 2 knots and a pound and a half of lead was needed to hold bottom. The flood tide was a bit slow with just a couple of skate showing. At the top of the tide and slack water I made a fruitless move to the top of the bank.

Repositioning of the boat for the ebbtide in a deeper mark on the south side of the bank worked well. Over a dozen skate took fancy to my cocktail of black lug and herring. It's not uncommon to catch two dogfish on a Pennell rig But I have never done it before with skate. Total fluke of course but one of my uptider rods was just sitting there with no sign of a bite. Reeling in to re-bait there was obviously a fish lurking there and as it broke surface I thought it was a huge skate but then realised it was twins.....both sizeable fish too.

One of those special days to remember

Tammy Joanne
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