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Fishing report 22 September
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Fishing report from Tammy Joanne.

The fishing weekend actually started Saturday afternoon with a reasonable forecast that turned a bit sour with a brisk southerly wind raising it's ugly head. Dick (White rose) came down to drown a few lug and together decided to not bother and leave it till tomorrow. The Chelsea game and a pint or two called trumps and a gathering at the Royal followed.
For weeks now we have been wondering when the bass and mackerel would eventually show. It's been a very poor year.
Dave (Cozy)put the situation into perspective when he produced an article from the Times titled "bass stocks at 20 year low" the cutting was an interesting read but makes ones blood boil. Amongst many snippets of information was the fact that French are allowed to pair trawl for bass whereas the English are not. Dammit !!! sickening to think that anybody takes this magnificent fish like this. The article concluded that conservation and reduction in harvest urgently needed.  Heard this before?

So with spirits modified and a bumper catch not anticipated I left the pub with realistic expectations but at least the forecast was excellent wind wise.
I was wide awake when the alarm sounded at 6am. Plan was to fish the quern first off over the low tide using some nice fat lug. Tide was a big un and conditions perfect. I was soon lying at anchor to the bank and the juicy lug set in ambush. Half hour then an hour passed with no enquiries at all. Re-baiting regularly produced nought and thoughts of a move flickered through the mind. Suddenly one rod tip almost hit the water such was the violence of the bite. It sprang back kicked again and went sickeningly slack. Examination showed that the bottom 3/0 pennell hook had snapped. Gutted!! 
Wife texted shortly afterwards to enquire how it was going. I texted back " monster bite big bass broke the hook". The reply congratulated me on catching the big bass but shame about the hook.  Missing the point I think!!
A couple of 2 pounders  followed and that was it. Back to base to get some more lug and a trip S to the brake bank where I Was joined by couple more boats.  There were huge quantities of whiting (mostly small but half dozen sizeable), few dogs and hard work eventually produced a couple more bass. The best 4-5 pound.... Not great but ok for the day.

One more move To a favourite mark off Broadstairs gave up couple more bass the best again about 4-5 pound.
Jeff Tammy Joanne

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